Escape Velocity Radio

Launched in August of 2012 and ending in March of 2015, Escape Velocity Radio was a monthly podcast which journeyed into the depths of ethics, politics, culture, music, science, philosophy, professional hockey and the very nature of reality itself. Each month your hosts Derek Hogue and Chris Hannah took you places you wished you hadn’t gone, via interviews with the greatest minds from the realms of music, activism and politics, and via our own unscripted “wisdom”. Among the guests we hosted: author and storyteller Leanne Simpson, journalist and author Chris Hedges, hip-hop artist and broadcast journalist Wab Kinew, vegan educator Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, economist and activist Robin Hahnel, musician Laura Jane Grace, author and journalist Will Potter, and sports journalist Dave Zirin.

Escape Velocity Radio was recorded, produced, and edited by its charming hosts, deep in the bowels of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The unique vocal stylings heard in our intro are those of the gracious and inimitable (well, we do imitate him sometimes) Greg MacPherson.

If you wish to embarrass us, you might also want to explore our other past podcasting endeavours: G7 Radio and the Propagandhi podcast.

Your Hosts

Chris Hannah is the “frontman” for the wildly-popular, world-famous secular rock band Propagandhi. He was voted worst Canadian alive by a Canadian history magazine, and has been immortalized in a song by the band NOFX. He is a father, vegan, astronomy enthusiast and 3rd-line grinder for Caress of Steel.

Derek Hogue is a militant hardcore vegan and wildly-successful graphic designer and web developer who lives on a super-yacht off the coast of St. Kitts. (And by “successful” I mean “lazy”, by “super-yacht” I mean “bungalow”, and by “St. Kitts” I mean “Winnipeg, Manitoba”.) His past endeavours include the now-euthanized record label G7 Welcoming Committee Records, and playing drums with teenage hardcore sensations (who toured with a five-song repertoire) Silence Equals….